In SEIN EUROPA we develop solutions for automation, supervision, control and management of technological processes in the different branches of the industry. Our team of professionals also has experience in installations in service buildings and in the domestic environment through the implementation of home automation systems.

We provide automation solutions for different sectors of the industry: food, chemical, energy and environmental, among others:

  • Automation and process control systems based on programmable automata.
  • Process supervision systems (SCADA).
  • Systems of data collection and exploitation of information.
  • Horizontal integration between the different processes of the plant.
  • Vertical integration with the company's management systems.

In the field of control and management of facilities we offer accessories for the manufacture of electrical panels, such as climate control panels, lighting control, etc.

For the realization of the projects and systems implementation, in SEIN EUROPA we have a human team with a solid and proven experience and a high level of equipment, both material and software.

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