SEIN EUROPA is a company dedicated to the design and assembly of electrical panels and panels for the automation of processes and control of facilities since 2003.

The mission of SEIN EUROPA is to offer the most competitive solutions and with the most advanced technology, being the continuous training of our team and investment in R & D & I pillars of our corporate policy

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SEIN Quality

  • From the moment of design, until its assembly at destination, our products are supervised and tested in the factory with the latest measurement and control equipment to eliminate any risk factor. The experience and adaptation to the basic requirements REBT, UNE 60439, or specific application rules (for example in the case of other countries) and ISO 9001: 2008, of which the specific quality and adequacy of the work respond We are certified company

Our values

  • Commitment

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Eagerness for Innovation

  • Client Orientation

  • Security

  • Flexibility

  • Proximity

Satisfied Clients